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Bird Rock Artist Guild

A collaboration of Bird Rock and surrounding area artists & creative people interested in promoting the creative and artistic side of life and bringing “Art Alive” to the local community. We are here to “Beautify the World” visually, musically and in many ways not yet known …

Guild Classes

“The Art Doctors”

Jane Wheeler, Kathryn Stephens, & Marlena Poulin

GET IT DONE ... Let us help you finish that art project, use up those supplies, get creative input & instruction
GET IT GOING ... Start your project, stimulate the senses, find your medium, eliminate fear
MAKE IT HAPPEN ... Beautify The World ...The Art Doctors are here to help you!!

Doctors of Art: Jane Wheeler, Kathryn Stephens, & Marlena Poulin


Artrageous art classes and studio tours are designed to bring out the creativity in you! Choose from a pallette of art mediums and explore your creative side. Get Inspired, collaborate with others and have some fun.

    Choose from the following:
  • "Mosaic Madness" with Jane Wheeler
  • "Watercolor Workshop" with Jane Wheeler
  • "Meet the Masters" with Kathryn Stephens
  • "Creating the Artistic Environment "with Marlena Poulin
  • " Weaving Wonders" with Keri Goldsmid
  • "Play with Clay" with Shannon Cunningham
  • “ Encaustic Organics” with Leslie Davis
  • “Creative Collage Journaling” Anne Telford
  • “Candlelight Yoga” with Linda Armijo
  • "Art From the Heart" - Artists meeting other artists

Dates and times are ALWAYS under construction.

Jane Wheeler
(619) 822-1120
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