Labyrinth of Giving

“La Jolla High School Interact Club & Bird Rock Artist Guild “Labyrinth of Giving” on October 9th

At sunset on Saturday Oct. 9th, the La Jolla High School Interact Club & members of Bird Rock Artist Guild, created a temporary Labyrinth walking path at Law St. Beach. Families and friends came to experience this ancient spiral designed walking path, & temporary art experience lit by luminaria candles at night.

Located in the center of the Labyrinth was a no-obligation donation “jar of giving” to collect for Interact’s fall project – building 2 homes in Mexico for families that have no home. Interact Club is the largest and most active community service club at La Jolla High School. The club is sponsored by and guided by La Jolla Rotary Club. Interact is well-known for taking action and working hard to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate. From home-building in Tijuana's poorest neighborhood to tutoring preschoolers to collecting food donations, this club is all about making a positive difference in the world while learning AND having fun!

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