"Circle of Life” Bench #5 Completed December 18, 2010

“Circle of Life” is the theme for the 5th and final bench in the 5 bench series of the Bird Rock Community Council mosaic bench beautification project. The 5th bench was created using a green palate of mixed tessare and features Mexican smalti, Murano Italy milefiori, fused glass hand made by the Dunklee family (bench sponsors) and Grace Feeney& Niki Schroeder –students from Muirlands Middle School. The stones on top and surrounding the bench are hand picked agates from Agate Beach, CA and various stones the Wheeler family collected along the Oregon Coast this summer.

The theme “Circle of Life” was inspired by a trip to Sedona, AZ and an encounter with the Native American Medicine Wheel - Circle of Life which symbolizes “The Individual Journey We Each Must Take To Find Our Own Path”. Each of the 4 directions North, South, East, West represents a part of this path and the different stages in one’s life. Inspirational quotes are noted at each direction. The children’s hand prints symbolize the youth in the circle of life and the fused glass was created by 3 generations of the Dunklee family- grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. Nautilus fossils represent nature and the spiral of life that is ongoing, ever changing and always creating. Old is imbedded in the new.

The “Circle” also represents the last of the 5 benches in the series, tying them all together to create a transformation of beauty & functional art on the Boulevard in Bird Rock. These benches were salvaged by Joe La Cava (past BRCC president) several years ago when they were destined to be taken out and replaced. Instead they have been recycled into an inspiration for the community which was supported, sponsored and created by members of the BRCC and Bird Rock community.

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