Labyrinth…”Murilands is…” campus beautification project

Muirlands Is

As part of the ongoing beautification efforts at Muirlands Middle School, committee chair Michelle Lanuti asked artist Jane Wheeler for an idea to enhance the blacktop area near the 100 building.

Since one of Wheeler’s favorite designs is the labyrinth (an ancient spiral walking path that can be found in places all over the world), Wheeler told Lanuti it would look perfect on the newly refurbished blacktop.

With the help of landscaper/artist Corky Kessler, they drew the 35-foot labyrinth for the students to enjoy.

To enhance the artwork, Lanuti asked English teacher Craig Goldman to have his students answer the sentence, “Muirlands is …” The students came up with a variety of words and phrases that will be stenciled on the blacktop to encircle the design.

Some of the words include: awesome, unique, gnarly, epic awesomeness, the hope, a welcoming community, life, the best school in the world, home, doorway to the future, ocean-minded, one of a kind, inspiring, full of opportunities, a cool place, amazing, a big wave of learning new things, the best invention since sliced bread and Muirlands is a place that is interesting because all mass lines up with it causing a quantum leap!

Muirlands Mosaic Bench Club Completes Bench #3 "Infinity Garden"

Muirlands Mosaic Bench Club
Front row Muirlands Middle School Students:Eric Haerr, Alison Endo, Maddie Bollinger, Emma Willis, Katilin Wheeler, Jordan Nieto. Back Row Jane Wheeler and Principal Chris Hargrave

Muirlands Mosaic Bench Club

The Muirlands Mosaic Bench Club has just completed it's 3rd bench in the series , titled "Infintiy Garden". Thank you to students Eric Haerr, Alison Endo, Maddie Bollinger, Emma Willis, Katilin Wheeler, Jordan Nieto who worked hard to add this bench to beautify the Murilands Campus . The students chose the color scheme of blues and white for an open sky/infinity look. They also created a fused glass border that creates a flash of sparkle when the sun hits the glass. Inbedded in the perimiter is the inspirational quote from Henry David Thoreau -" What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what like within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen.'"

The stamped perimiter tiles also pay tribute to the parents who helped create the Infintiy Garden last year...a big thank you to Keri Goldsmid - designer, Tory Gulley, Alison Lee, Michelle Lanuti - plantscaping, and Corky Kessler - Muirlands landscaper!

English Teacher Mr Goldman stopped by to tell us that he likes to take his class to the garden for inspiration on reading and writing projects, and he never wants to change rooms. That statement fufils the purpose of the garden's design vision, so we are grateful that is is being used as an inspirational area for teachers and students. Next time you are on campus, check it out!

Sincerly, Jane Wheeler- Beautification Committee & Mosaic Club

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Muirlands Peace, Love, Change

The Mosaic Bench club has been working diligently over the past 8 weeks to complete the 2 benches in the newly remolded “Infinity Garden”. Alison Endo (8th), Eric Haerr (7th), Jordan Neito (7th) and Emily Skillman (6th) worked detailed and focused to complete the set. One bench is titled “ Muirlands” the other is “Follow Your Path” with a quote from Robert Frost’s famous poem “The Road Less Taken”. The students used a variety of materials including: sea glass, Mexican smalti, opaque glass, glass beads, mirror tiles, glass rods and pebbles. They also hand stamped all the clay wordd and quotes used on the bench. Special thanks to VP Jeff Luna for stamping clay, Corky Kessler our amazing landscaper for installing the benches and Cathy Riley and Stacey Haerr for helping with the mosaic installation! Also, a big thank you to Pearl Preiss for the incredible photos!! If you are on campus make sure to stop by and take a look.