Celebrate the Arts

On Saturday, April 21st from 1 to 4pm, La Jolla High School will host a special "Celebration of the Arts" as part of its 90th anniversary activities.  This event, held on the quad of the school's campus, is open to the community, and will be fun for all ages.  The festivities will highlight the visual and performing arts programs as well as interactive art for all attendees.

Splatter Art Club beautifies Pacific Beach Electrical Box


The La Jolla High School Splatter! Art Club members volunteered their time and talent last weekend to create a fresh look on the large electrical box in the South Belmont parking lot.

Splatter! Club is an art and community-service club centering around improving students’ artistic skills and taking part in community service projects.

The club combines art with helping those in need, as well as focusing on beautification, learning about different methods and styles of art, teaching how to draw, paint and create various forms of art, and giving tips and tutorials to help benefit students’ artistic talents.

The group’s last community-service project entailed creating a candlelight labyrinth at the beach. The group has collected donations to purchase building materials for LJHS Interact Club’s latest home build in Tijuana for an impoverished family.

At Belmont Park, the group created a graphic style beach-themed design using repeating patterns of surf boards and beach balls, under the direction of Bird Rock artist Jane Wheeler. Club VP Kaitlin Wheeler had members sketch out design ideas to collect input before choosing to paint a design that resembled her own black-and-blue surfboard. President Stephanie Foster and member Whitney Francis worked on a hibiscus flower and stripe combination, while member Ana Gimber chose a wide yellow stripe border with orange pinstripe. Pilar and Blaze Gimber joined in to help with painting the beach balls.

Curious onlookers told the team that they were excited to see the box painted and couldn’t wait to see the finished box. Several people stopped by to thank the girls for painting the box and making it look great. The girls were excited when the beautification work was completed and they saw the transformation from just a plain green box to a colorful work of art!

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